Indo Region Events

Hans Jayanti Event Delhi

Every year the 8th of November is celebrated as Hans Jayanti in India. This event celebrates the birthday of Prem Rawat’s father Shri Hans Ji.

Kathmandu, Nepal

“Despite having everything, the person who is not peaceful has nothing and despite having nothing,

Sarguja, India

You need Peace. Peace does not need you. So just think – who will search whom, who needs whom?

Delhi, India

“Peace is not luxury;it’s a necessity,”Despite all our technological and scientific advances,it is peace that will be humanity’s greatest achievement

Youth Peace Fest at Jaipur

Prem Rawat, addressed the gathering of around 1,00,000 humorously but deeply on the subjects of life and peace.

Pokhra, Nepal

Prem Rawat addressed over 47,000 people — giving the analogy of an oil seller and the Archer he asked,”What do you Practice?

Nalanda, India

When somebody learns this technique his life is changed forever and I can help you in learning that technique

Baran, India

“If yo want to understand that divine power then you will have to use your heart and not your brain”

Chennai, India

Life is the garden of the divine. Its beauty is unparalleled. It is full of the reflection from the divine.

East Champaran, India

Who are you?” When water and air get together for a few minutes to form clouds and when it starts dropping at a place then it transforms.

Bharatpur, India

rem Rawat says,”You have to live in today and not tomorrow. If you want consciousness in your life then bring it today”

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