Eye Clinic (Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh)

A two day free eye-camp (clinic) sponsored by The Prem Rawat Foundation & Prem Sagar Foundation and organized by Raj Vidya Kender took place at village Girsi, Distt. Kanpur Dehat, U.P. on 22nd and 23rd Nov. 2014. This clinic was inaugurated by Mr. Sanosh Kumar Sachan, a reputed businessman of Kanpur Dehat expressing in his address as the foundations are doing the best humanitarian service for the mankind especially for the poor and neglected. He wished this service to continue for quite long.

Around 2400 people were examined by the experienced doctors and surgeons. 1290 people were provided with the specs and medicines, 2010 were given proper eye drops and 927 were given the prescribed medicines; all free of cost. 555 people were suffering from cataract and they were hence referred to the Govt. Eye Hospital for further treatment.

Drs. Ram Gopal Sharma and Amit Srivastava with seven refractionists attended all the patients who came from 30 nearby villages mainly poor labourers and farmers in dire need of such a camp.

Vinod Singh of village Bhirani, Motilal aged 72 from village Rathi Gaon, Shobha aged 55 also from Rathi, Mathura Prasad from Gulooli, Ram Kripal Singh aged 65 from Katethi, Ramesh Singh aged 60 from Kripa Ram Purva especially expressed their heartfelt gratitude and the care they got here which was far-far better than other such type of clinics. Doctors too praised both the foundations for their humanitarian approach for the needy and poor.

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