Eye Clinic (Patna, Bihar)

A two day eye-camp (clinic) sponsored by The Prem Rawat Foundation and Prem Sagar Foundation and organized by Raj Vidya Kender started on 29th Nov. 2014 at Middle School, Village: Sadishopur, Block-Bihta,  Distt. Patna (Bihar). Dr. Lakhinder Prasad, Superintendent of Patna Medical College inaugurated this eye-clinic cum camp.

Around 1660 people turned up for their check-up. They all were attended by the competent and qualified doctors as well as surgeons. 1200 people were provided with the right powered specs and medicines. 877 people were given the eye-drops and those who needed only medicines, they were given all the medicines. 354 were suffering from cataract and therefore they were referred to the Govt. Hospital.

Dr. Ranveer Singh and Dr.Ram Jaypal Singh along with 7 refractionists attended all the patients who came from 30 villages covering a radius of 25 km distance. Mostly the people were poor labourers and farmers.

Anil Kumar Singh from Shekhpura, Patna said that such eye clinic has proved to be a boon for the villagers and requested the organizers to continue in future also. Dr. Binod  Kumar from Sadisopar Bihta said that I liked this clinic so much and pay my thanks and wish that this type of clinic should be organized again. People are provided free eye check-up and spectacles. Dr. Shashi Kulo from Bihta said that the eye clinic is appreciable and is being done in public interest.

Everyone had a sigh of relief and thanked the team and organizations.

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