Eye Clinic, Ranga Reddy, Andhra Pradesh

A two-day free eye clinic sponsored by the Prem Rawat Foundation and the Prem Sagar Foundation was organized by Raj Vidya Kender on 22-23 March 2014 in Raj Vidya Kender at village Turkapally, district Ranga Reddy, Andhra Pradesh . It was inaugurated by Mr. A. Narayan Reddy, a bureaucrat and the camp was operated by Dr. Srinisadeo and Dr. Raman.

The clinic organized with the help of two ex perienced Eye Surgeons and 5 opthamologists. Eyes of 1026 poor people mainly farmers and labours were examined in the Eye Camp who had come from 17 villages of the surrounding area measuring about 15 km radius.

As a result of eye check up, 885 people were given free spectacles, 887 people were given eye drop units and 250 people who were directed to be suffering from cataract were advised to take further treatment at Govt. hospitals.

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