Eye Clinic (Gumla, Jharkhand)

A two day free eye-camp was organized by the Prem Rawat Foundation, Prem Sagar Foundation and Raj Vidya Kender at Raj Vidya Kender, Sisai Gumla, Jharkhand on 6th and 7th Dec. 2014 covering the nearby 29 villages. It was inaugurated by Mrs.Saniyaro Devi, Village Head & Social Worker of Sisai Village. In this eye-camp 2105 patients were examined by highly experienced eye -specialist physicians and surgeons. 1369 people were provided free specs and medicines. 1367 patients were given free eye-drops. 37 patients suffered from cataract and thus referred to the Govt. Hospital for operation. Dr. N.P.Singh,  Dr.Abhimanyu Kumar and Dr. Jasim examined the patients’ eyes assisted by 7 refractionists. Most of the patients were poor labourers and farmers. Ajit Kumar from village Lalpur and Nageshwar from village Nagar Atari thanking the organizers requested the team to organize such camps at many more locations which is so beneficial and helpful for the poor, worried and the senior citizens. All the participants were delighted to get such an expertise for their eye check-up and treatment and that too totally free. Mrs. Saniyaro Devi in her inaugural address said, “Poverty hit villagers can’t afford eye check-up. This free eye clinic was organized in a very cordial environment. I am so happy. I met the best doctors here. The campaign proved to be extremely beneficial for this needed area.”

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